Falling Walls Lab Third Edition Delft

6high-caliber jury members

20+groundbreaking ideas

1winner flying to Berlin

The event

The countdown begins as on 22nd September, the third edition of Falling Walls Lab Delft will take place even bigger and bolder then before. With over 20+ bright ideas of young innovators in front of a global audience and 6 esteemed jury members from academia and industry.

The jury

Photo of Erik Zoutman

Erik Zoutman

Science [&] Technology

Erik holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He started his career in the Dutch space industry at TNO in Delft where he was involved in building remote sensing instruments. In 2000 he co-founded the company Science and Technology Corp. and was CEO until 2018. Today he brings technology to the market as investor and incubator for several early stage technology companies.

Photo of Helma van den Berg-van Rijn

Helma van den Berg-van Rijn


Dr. Ir. Helma van den Berg-van Rijn (1982) is social designer at Muzus, a service design agency for societal matters. Helma has a passion for design solutions with a positive impact on society and make the world a better place for all people. During her PhD ‘Meaningful Encounters’, she explored how designers can learn from direct contact with difficult-to-reach user groups as children with autism and people with dementia (TU Delft, 2012).

Photo of Rogier Verberk

Rogier Verberk


Dr Rogier Verberk holds a PhD in experimental physics from Leiden University (2005). At TNO he worked on EUV lithography and became principal project manager. From 2013 on he helped to set up the QuTech research center for quantum technologies. Since 2016 he is Market Director at TNO, responsible for semiconductor equipment-, quantum-, Industry4.0- and Medical Technologies.

Photo of Irene Rompa

Irene Rompa

Quantum Delta NL

Irene Rompa studied psychology but started her career expanding a reusable water bottle startup from the Netherlands to the United States. A campaigner for sustainability and doing good at heart, she’s initiated all kinds of projects and worked in the Dutch startup scene in several roles. Last year she joined Quantum Delta NL, a national program for the development of quantum technology in the Netherlands, as its Head of Communication.

Photo of Sofia Fonda

Sofia Fonda

TU Delft

Winner of FWL Delft 2020, Sofia Fonda is a fresh graduate in Design for Interaction, currently working as a Research Assistant at TU Delft. Last year she convinced the jury with her project Breaking the Wall of Shame, allowing women to clean their menstrual cup in public toilets. Her ambition is to use design to break stigmas around sexuality and mental healh and promote well-being.

Photo of Thijs Maartens

Thijs Maartens


Thijs in his current role at Philips Engineering Solutions, along with his team work to activate and execute prioritized cross functional projects that will help organizations reach their sustainability and circular economy goals, including developing custom methodologies to ensure appropriate resourcing, prioritization, and activation of sustainability strategies and roadmaps.

The sponsors

Photo of TNO


Main partner

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the wellbeing of society in a sustainable way.

Photo of Stud



Stud is a temporary employment agency in Delft for student, by students.

Photo of Fast



Funding Ambitious Students TU Delft (FAST) is the student committee of Delft University Fund.

Photo of TuDelft



TU Delft is the oldest and largest Dutch public technical university, ranked consistently as one of the best universities in the Netherlands

Photo of ST



Science [&] Technology created technology to make the world a better place by conducting high-tec projects, services and consultancy.


Photo of Andrea Riccio

Andrea Riccio


Photo of Carlos Precioso

Carlos Precioso

Financial manager

Photo of Dario van Wagensveld

Dario van Wagensveld

Public relations

Photo of Francesco Sirianni

Francesco Sirianni

Communication director

Photo of Roberto Pozo

Roberto Pozo

Project manager