Falling Walls Lab First Edition Delft

80+event attendees

6high-caliber jury members

13groundbreaking ideas

1winner flying to berlin

The event

On September 18th, 2019, the first edition of Falling Walls Lab Delft gave the chance to 13 young innovators to explain their groundbreaking ideas in 3 min. A multi-disciplinary jury had the hard job to select one winner to send to Berlin, to present once again in front of hundreds of people the most impactful idea.

Our Lab winner, Rushabh Chheda, presented in Berlin and won the third position, having the opportunity to pitch once again the 9th of November during the main conference, in front of people like the ministry of the education of Germany, the President of ERC or the director of the Nobel Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The winners

Photo of Rushabh Chheda

Rushabh Chheda

1st prize

Breaking the Wall of plastic pollution and affordable housing

Photo of Nima Salami

Nima Salami

2nd prize

Breaking the Wall of Outdated E-Health

Photo of Else de Ridder

Else de Ridder

2nd prize

Breaking the Wall of sustainable healthcare

Photo of Petra Salaric

Petra Salaric

3rd prize

Breaking the Wall of stigmas and taboos

The jury

Photo of Marc Kalf

Marc Kalf

Health Valley

Innovation manager at Health Valley and advisor at accelerators like YES!Delft. Our specialist in health.

Photo of Bart Ahsmann

Bart Ahsmann


As the Managing Director of CLICKNL and frequent advisor to the government, Bart was focusing on the design side of the pitches.

Photo of Laura de Troia

Laura de Troia


From SouthEataly, Laura is a specialist in administration, supplier, and social media management. Commerce and marketing are her forte.

Photo of Francesca Grazian

Francesca Grazian

TU Delft

Francesca is a Ph.D. researcher at TU Delft in power electronics. She was our expert in the engineering behind the solutions.

Photo of Anouk de Ruiter

Anouk de Ruiter

TEDx Delft

A TEDx Licensee and Project Manager, Anouk was our in-house expert in both pitching and visionary ideas.

Photo of Tino Mager

Tino Mager

TU Delft


Saket Mostafa

Breaking the Wall of Universal Values

Nathan Kramer

Breaking the Wall of Architecture and AI

Nima Salami

Breaking the Wall of Outdated E-Health

Roberto Merino-Martinez

Breaking the Wall of Aircraft noise

Rushabh Chheda

Breaking the Wall of plastic pollution and affordable housing

Shruti Singh

Breaking the Wall of Sustainability in Electrical Machines

Yulia Zarechkina

Breaking the Wall of post-soviet cities

Yue Mao

Breaking the Wall of human-centered perception of landscape

Vöpel Tobias

Breaking the Wall of Agricultural Pollution

Mohamed Abokersh

Breaking the Wall of Solar Thermal Market

Else De Ridder

Breaking the Wall of sustainable healthcare

Tslil Strauss

Breaking the Wall of Putting out Fires

Petra Salaric

Breaking the Wall of stigmas and tabos

Sneha Gokhale

Breaking the Wall of Wasteful Packaging


Photo of Andrea Riccio

Andrea Riccio


Photo of Tino Mager

Tino Mager


Carlos Precioso


Dario van Wagensveld


Federica Saitta


Federica Perassi



Photo of TU Delft

TU Delft

Photo of STUD


Photo of SouthEataly


Photo of Bennini Bags

Bennini Bags

Photo of Gusto Sano Napoletano

Gusto Sano Napoletano